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Eileen Euline is a home decor company specializing in art originals, prints and custom designs. We strongly believe that beauty comes with age and so our work has an aged, worn, vintage appeal. Eileen Euline is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and all of our products are proudly made in the Unites States of America. We are a family company and our name comes from our two grandmothers, Eileen Hale and Euline Smith.

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As a little tyke, I confounded my poor parents. Store-bought toys were carefully put back into their original packaging and relegated to a dark closet while, outside, countless hours were spent playing with sticks, rocks and mud. When asked what on earth I was doing dragging the hose out to the big dirt pile behind the house I would reply simply, “Making stuff.”

While the materials may have become more sophisticated over the years, “making stuff” remains my life’s work. A blank page, a pile of unused wood, a heap of watch-a-ma-jigs and do-dads: These things fuel my imagination.

My philosophy is simple: TRY SOMETHING NEW. These three words inspire and inform everything about me. Being creative has little to do with answers. Creativity involves questions, uncertainty and risk. I feel each person who collects my work joins me on this creative journey.


I am fascinated with the way the human beings communicate. My background in fine art and theatre, has caused me to be keenly aware of nonverbal communication. As an actor on stage I use slight changes in my body to communicate on a level words cannot access.

In my current work, no matter what the subject, I am attempting to capture a pure, human emotion and express it. These moments tend to be universal; beauty, delight, curiosity and so-on. My artistic choices are influenced by my life, past, present and future. Far from a tortured artist, my work comes from a wonderful place of acceptance, peace and hope.


I am a student of Hazel Davis, of Hooker, Oklahoma and began my lessons when I was in 4th grade. Hazel was the first person to teach me to truly see the world around me and my training with her focused mainly on oils and pastels. I continued studying with Hazel until I graduated from high school and she was the last person to whom I said goodbye before I moved away to attend college and study art & design.

Today I am a classically trained artist exploring new digital mediums so my work is created using both ancient and modern techniques. I tend to start in the physical world with traditional mediums such as paint, chalk and graphite. Then I bring my work into the digital realm and use computer software like Adobe Photoshop© and Corel Painter© to create the finished piece.

Since the final image is digital I can output it at various sizes. Each digital painting is output by me and fixed to a durable, substructure by hand. I feel this helps bring the work back to a low-tech level. I physically finish each image by hand, creating a completely unique work of art each time. I feel something very satisfying about the work being completed and signed by my own hand.

Scott Hale — chief cook and bottle washer


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