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Eileen Euline is a home decor company specializing in art originals, prints and custom designs. We strongly believe that beauty comes with age and so our work has an aged, worn, vintage appeal. Eileen Euline is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and all of our products are proudly made in the Unites States of America. We are a family company and our name comes from our two grandmothers, Eileen Hale and Euline Smith.

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My grandmothers are Eileen Hale and Euline Smith. The two couldn’t be more different.

EILEEN LOVED FASHION AND TRENDS. You know how you usually respond, “No thanks, I’m just looking” when a salesperson asks you if you need any help?  When asked that question in a store Eileen would answer, “Yes. Follow me.”

I remember spending hours waiting for her in stores. Especially shoe stores. Eileen loved shoes; Stiletto’s most of all. The higher the heel the better. Her toes were permanently transformed into a point long before I came along.

Eileen also loved to keep up with the trends, both in fashion and interior decorating. She pioneered the walk-in closet before it was a standard feature in homes.

And speaking of homes, I am almost positive her’s was held together with layer after layer of wallpaper. When Eileen made a change, it wasn’t subtle. You noticed it. Entire rooms would be transformed from top to bottom. If she bought a bathmat she would get every accessory that came with the set, down to the matching plunger.

EULINE WAS A HARD WORKING GO-GETTER. Her mind was made for numbers and organization. I remember meeting her at the sale barn were she worked. There is nothing like eating a hamburger at the very place where livestock are being bought and sold.

Euline was also industrious and creative. I fondly remember the trash cans she made out of egg cartons. If there was a problem, she didn’t shy away from it at all and would often find a creative solution.

When the TV cable needed to be rerouted from one room to another Euline was found in the crawl space under her home scooting on her belly with the cable and tools in hand. When asked, “Why didn’t you get someone else to do that?” She responded, “Well, it needed to get done.”

Euline was also the navigator of the family and was often seen in the passenger seat with map in hand pointing the way. Euline navigated her husband all across the United States in their 5th wheel camper and he trusted her completely.

I CREATED EILEEN EULINE WITH BOTH OF THEM IN MIND. I learned so much about life from each one and both nurtured my feeble artistic talent as a child, years before I ever envisioned becoming a designer.

I believe that BEAUTY COMES WITH AGE. Just like my grandmothers who will always be beautiful in my eyes. Thanks for taking a look around!

Scott Hale — chief cook and bottle washer [Meet the Artist]

Eileen holding a sleepy Scott
Euline at Scott’s 1st birthday


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